Made in France

Why French made?

Why French Made? 

We proudly manufacture hair accessories with a family-owned and operated company in France. Wuderove’s hair accessories are crafted from cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic sourced from wood and cotton linters and a material our production partners have been building with for more than 100 years. 

While we could offer plastic accessories like the ones you find in the Target hair aisle, the reality is that these plastic counterparts break easily and do not have biodegradable features. 

Manufacturing in France offers a range of advantages including: 

  • Nearby supply chain partners: Much of the cellulose acetate used in high-quality hair accessories and popular frame brands like Ferragamo and Chloe comes from European countries like Mazzucchelli in Italy.
  • Skilled Workforce: France has a strong tradition in engineering, technology, and manufacturing sectors, making it easier to find qualified employees. And, our partners have a family legacy of more than 100 years perfecting their craft. 
  • High-Quality Standards: France is known for its high-quality manufacturing standards and a commitment to quality control. Products manufactured in France often carry a reputation for excellence.
  • Quality of Life: France offers a high quality of life for employees, which means the people making our products are in healthy working conditions and living full and meaningful lives. 
  • Environmental Considerations: France has been making efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. With a single-use plastic ban and policies around environmentally responsible packaging, it’s clear that France is investing in the future health of our planet. Our partner also has low minimums for orders, meaning we don’t have to buy inventory that goes unused or ends up in landfills. 

As we expand our product offering, our heads and hearts will always be focused on ethical manufacturing. If we can’t make it with the environment in focus and partners receiving fair wages and safe working conditions, we won’t make it.



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